Marzio BigHouse

Marzio Casagrande was born in Belluno 53 years ago.

Born as a "music apprentice" to turn into a music worker. At the age of 15 he begins his career by defiling the console of a DJ with whom he will share the "plates" and later becoming the resident of one of the main clubs in the province.

He collaborates with many DJs and tries to form his own musical identity also following in the footsteps of his older brother Otto Casagrande.

His professional path sees him land in many venues in the Veneto region with requests to participate in important events being also supported by an agency in central Italy.

Having acquired a relevant musical background, he has ranged the various landscapes but his genres still remain House Music, Deep and Soulfull.

Studio work always leads him to search for melodies and sounds with a predominantly Soul taste to be included in his sets and record productions.