Biagio, also known as Niceteed is an Italian artist, owner and co-founder of the label "Chapeau Music" and resident DJ of "Leben Sound". Besides his charismatic personality, the constant search for what is new and never heard and the vastness of musical genres that influence him does not allow you to frame his sets in a single genre. In the space of two years, his works have graced bastions of house and techno such as Snatch! Records, Brock Wild, Lapsus Music, Flashmob Records, Witty Tunes, Pura Music, Innocent Music, Safe Music and many more. He released on My Little Dog Records a Vinyl Only EP called "Need Of Nicety EP" currently sold out everywhere. With the variety of the music style he's displayed and the continually acclaimed output he's been creating, there's little doubt that Niceteed can continue to grow and evolve in the years to come even within those refreshingly focused parameters which he has set for himself.